This is Carmike.

This is my blog.

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Today I signed up to a new Gym. Now I have two gym memberships.

Also, I was given a free bike. It’s an IRONMAN Titanium from the 90s.

A month ago I couldn’t swim. Now I can swim back and forth from the deep end.

The Fitness

The Art

I have announced 4 projects at once. Sheeple l, Sheeple ll, Sheeple lll and Sheeple IV. Click this link for the sample video for one of the tracks that will be on one of the albums.

Over the Pandemic, The Black Crowes were in heavy rotation. Got a cool follow by one of the better drummers in Rock history.

Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes follows me.

I decided to photo catalog my records and I pop on over to the black crowes ig… same post same day. Very Serendipitous.

The Biz

As for the business side, I am a Direct Marketer and Copywriter. I do share my campaign insights, tactics and strategy of what works and doesn’t work to the people who are willing to listen. There are many products to sample for Free and Buy. I got email updates, podcasts and audiobooks aswell.

The Motto.

This is simply a blog on my progressions through life.


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