Love, Lifestyle.

First thing’s first. This is a blog about my outlook and opinion on life. Even though I speak more facts than a fax machine. I can be wrong and will admit that I’m wrong when presented with a better fact.

  • Man commits to Slaveworld Full-Time.

But for the most part, I tend to be more correct than not.

Lifestyle is a mindset.

  • How to Build Your Lifestyle to the Unique Standard You Want to Live Up To.

A Man is a success when he gets up and goes to bed and in between does what he wants to do.

Bob Dylan

So in the meantime, I am and have been quite the success.

Dates and dating is not in a great place right now. Every stat is alarming. Dating is a luxury right now. As I say, my age, 34, we’ve grown up with the harshest economy and it still blows my mind how my contemporaries rely on their parents to ball out on instagram.

I know it’s not their money! So, Carmike what does this have to do with you?


Because Everything is Everything and People are Sheeple.

When one girl gets to go out on a World Tour, another one believes she’s entitled to go on a World Tour to ball out on Insta. Entitlement and Expectations are linked.

When the market inflates, the idea of finding someone even on your path is low. The “Make More Money” gurus think that Money fixes everything, even Woman problems. This is not even close to the case.

But, to entertain this idea, it has never been a better time to make money for yourself as an Artist. Due to Digital Innovations of Distribution Ownership and Sharing of projects across the World has never been better.

The Rockstar Lifestyle is gone. Long gone. The big tour buses that hauled around heavy equipment is gone. But this is not a bad thing. New voices are out there. And can be listened to on streaming services without a record label. So, I think living in the past is never a good idea. Most gear is marketed toward the Entitled. I deserve a 100W amp to play to 20 people.

  • 100W amps’ function is to play live over screaming fans.
  • Screaming Fans don’t scream on the Internet.

With this being said, screaming fans exist, how to get them is seriously how to pick up and keep chicks. It’s relationship building. Chicken or the Egg style. You don’t meet Dimes online.


As you do not cold email Microsoft or Industrial Light and Magic from home and expect a Million Dollar Deal.

“Where did all the Men go?”

They are everywhere!

“Where did all the Females go?”

They are on their phone.

As the world becomes more connected. We become more disconnected.

I decided to gamble on a $20 Tinder month. And really realized that most people are dating from their house and expect to find love on the toilet. Seriously! When swiping, you can get a lot of people in your feed. Which is efficient, but life only rewards Effectiveness. Which every online services ever invented is not Effective. They are efficient services.

Getting out of the house used to be a great thing to do. It’s slowly coming back, but the bad habits formed in COVID are comign with it. Everyone is on their phone! Never in the moment enjoying the experience.

I knew this when I saw someone I know, on Tinder and she don’t leave the house. I called her on it. And, yeah, that didn’t go over too well. But, the point was made, that most people turn bitter toward potential dating partners because they are not putting in any effort.

Dating is a skill. Like any skill it must be worked out.

Ignore the high school sweethearts. They love to give out bad advice. It’s shit.

Ignore people who date while living with their parents. That’s dumb, I have never seen it work, because if you two work out, you never move out, you move in together. And…

The key to a Lifestyle is being able to Move out on your own with your own Independent Income. And I’ll tell you why. During COVID, most of you were forced and coerced to take a shot of an experimental and untested drug to ward off a very controversial illness. The shot is one thing, but not being able to say “Fuck off, I quit!” is alarming.

DTA = Don’t Trust Anybody.

I don’t want this to be a website that ropes people in.

The Internet is a crapshoot today.

Get outside. Be Healthy. Destiny awaits.

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