How to Create Time and Money

Dan Kennedy asked me a pretty damn good question:

What is my Time Actually Worth? To hammer home the point. He actually created a TIME X MONEY equation in his seminal underground entrepreneurship book: is Dan’s website who has seriously cashed in on some aquisitions for his NO BS series and his Magnetic Marketing programs. The godfather of Information Marketing speaks, I listen.

With today’s current events, defiance must be done in a sophisticated and simultaneous manner. It will be easier to be a slave. But much harder to be free with each revolving year.

Defiance is an art form. Few can get away with it. But when they do, it’s not only breaking into the bank and getting the money. It’s getting away with it, is what makes a rebel. Consequentially, defiance is beat out of each and everyone of us at early age. We must fall in line or suffer a punishment.

Today’s punishment is so visible, that if you or I were to not wear a mask in a restaurant we would be forced to leave or even fined. Full defiance is only for a select few of people, usually the people who have created the rules in the first place.

Powerful people are defiant and in turn, punish defiance. It’s just the way it is and always be. That’s how powerful people stay in power! Revolutionaries want power, their strategy and tactics are just different. Because to attain and retain power you need to fight uniquely effective and effectively unique.

That’s why in the real world there are people who are not only pawns for the Corporation they work for. They are soldiers against the success of you and I.

In turn, the only way you know you’re a true success is by the other half of intensity of haters. Give gifts, give jewels, see who actually recieves them and appreciates them by giving a gift back…

People are entitled. Period. End. Full stop.

Thinking Big, you cannot tax Big Think and if you achieve what you think, you’ll be able to avoid taxes anyways and be around other big thinkers.

No one goes 100% from the line achieving goals. People Power – Need People who will Inspire and hold you Accountable for when things get tough. Don’t get lost in the mechanics, just a stream of consciousness on the page. Just like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages concept.

Two tenets that I stumbled upon from Frank Kern:

  1. Thou Shall Not Be a Pussy. (Terrified to Fail…)
  2. Thou Shall Not Fuck Around. (Get to Work!)

The Big Numbers are powered by Small Numbers.

I have always thought big, I don’t even know what social anxiety is. It is only when I started hanging out with really young people when I ran into this concept. It’s not a good trait to copy.

I always have been a big performer. My trick is to be prepared, but not over prepared. I always like to stay loose and happy. No matter what is up. $5,000,000 is not a lot of money.

But good starters to make Money Math work in my favor. Selling 1,000 units for $500. That is $5,000,000 bucks. When you break it down. It’s actually working back from the end goal to what I need to profitably do today to get back to the end goal. B to A. A to B. And then fix up another big juicy goal.

From my Notebook, 2015ish

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