Objectives, Goals, Targets

Delusion will get you killed in this world. And the only one who will die is the Delusion person. One less body to worry about. Sadly, there are more ‘Walking Dead’ than there are real ones. And, the bill gets collected whether you are dead or alive, like it or not.

Most advertising dogma is directed at satisfying the Delusional masses by telling them that Growth by outflow is the only thing that matters.

It is inciting to the inexperienced. But until you realize that it is The Ones You Keep that boost the Bottom line, the learning and earning can begin.

Direct Marketing to gain Attention and bolster Retention is the true Bloodsport of our times. Many gurus speak about it but tell, or should I say yell at you.

All valuable knowledge communicates by whispering. As I always say, The Internet medium is by its nature a Retention Medium not an Attention Medium.

Email marketing is not to establish a relationship but to maintain one.

Goals grow Goals. Nothing more, nothing less. Without completing objectives, goals cannot be satisfied. Objectives are completed by surpassing obstacles in your path. The greater the obstacle, the more focus you need to move around it or over it.

The idea of Objectives, Goals and Targets is integrated with Hook, Story and Offers. I’m not gonna spell it out. But you get it.

It is important to use this fuel boosted by momentum onto the next obstacle. To keep training. Because stagnation breed complacency.

Targets are necessary to focus the goal into objectives. Long term Targets are necessary to create short term results and the Fuel to create a healthy and evolving self image to keep striving.

In Bloodsport, the finishing off of your opponent is the hardest part. Most businesses treat Customers like One Night Stands. They use, abuse and disappear. They do not maximize the value of an Individual customer who has raised their hand, bought something from you and then neglect them.

Attention Deficit Disorders affect business owners too.

With this being said, to find a valuable individual. Grant Cardone is right. You need to outflow big time. The chances of going 1 for 1 is next near impossible.

Your odds and ownership is better if you communicate with 10,000 to get 100 prospects that are genuinely interested.

5,000 Super Fans can feed you for a very long time.

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