The Middle Class is

No one more arrogant than a Middle-Class Person. Especially if they get their shit took by the very hand that feeds them.

Silent Grief and Despair is what drives their Lottery Ticket addiction to bust out of this Hellhole for good. They never make it. If they did, who would accept them?


I’ve been Middle-Class with great taste my whole life. This is this difference that gives me a leg up on the competition.

No one in The Suburbs has taste or they wouldn’t sell their soul to a bank for 30 years. When you’re playing the game of Life. Like attracts Like. Birds of a Feather flock together, etc.

I have noticed that the people who have Mortgages do not talk to me much if at all. And the people that rent are a little more warmer.

Being a financial prisoner is tough as I can only tell you by observing. The woman wants a home and the man wants to be ‘King” of his Castle.

What University opened my eyes to was Worldly Taste. That if I wanted to be taken seriously in this world. I must demonstrate my philosophy by building by example.

Never hire an Architect that never built his own house. He is a hack.

The suburbs is a wasteland filled with well meaning men and women who do not think for themselves. Their employer is the Mind they obey. And nothing else.

Completely hooked up to a grid that has a central nervous system that resembles a friendly bank. But in fact is a system that preys on the very mindset that craves comfort masquerading as freedom.

This is heroin.

I hate Walmart.

The best way to beat a level is not grow attached to it and constantly move forward. When everyone is a competitor making sure you don’t breakout or breakthrough. I can play it safe or go on offense. Which I specialize in.

Even professional athletes have a Middle-Class Mindset at best. Employee-Employers relationship with everyone they come in contact with.

They do not realize that the mind is a bank that can generate and collect money in a orderly fashion especially during chaos.

The first million is the most difficult for various reasons. Of these it is the task of becoming self sufficient where dependency is the name of the Middle-Class game.

To blame anyone is the right mindset and behavior for people who stay exactly where they are.

Silence of The Sheeple of the Suburbs

You can hear the Screaming if you pay enough attention.

The Hollywood Hills is a Suburb. Billionaire’s Row is the burbs.

Real Rich is the sweet spot between paying for unforseen emergencies without worry and being able to create a lifestyle without involuntary servitude.

This is why the suburbs are so damn bland and quiet. They have volunteered to become slaves by purposeful ignorance.

Moving is an option. Moving up is a decision. Word of Caution. The Richer they are. The bigger the dickheads the kids are.

Rich People do not have taste either. They usually buy what they are supposed to buy. They support big box luxury brands like poor people do with economy brands.

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