Singing for Your Supper: Buy or Die Database Marketing

Viewers don’t mean buyers. But without online views you cannot build sustainable attention for them to buy something.

The fact that I am doing the bidding for YouTube means that I need to have my products and services hyperfocused at the hyperresponsive and no one else.

Most ads have no Irresistible offer. Just their business name and phone number. Most people just want to take instead of give. As a giving direct marketers, takers take value and give you their money and attention.

Transactional businesses are no more valuable than a busking musician. They are only as good as their last gig.

Building equity into your database means segmenting and collecting valuable information about your clients so you can offer something Irresistible and Interesting everytime that you have something relevant to show them.

Without views you cannot get follows that subcribe and raise their hand to allow communication from you. Developing a relationship based on burning desire rather than buy or die transactions is the basis of business in the New Economy.

What is a Burning Desire Buyer? Someone who waits eagerly on hot coals to hear from you every single post. Does what you say and buys what you prescribe that profits both of you.

As big as the internet is. There are only a few big thinking Indviduals in the whole space. I don’t know why. But flies be flies.

To create a Retaining and Attaining System that Informs and Entertains is the key to Increasing your Lifestyle and Happiness.

The busking musician can have a mix of transactional and equitable relationships within the system. Just knowing where the top and end of your funnel is the essential part of any Profitable System Architecture.

The Loyalty of the Herd is in the Database!

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