Dreams and Nightmares

Everyone picks the big dogs as their Dream Client. But little do they know, the 10 Client is nothing but hassle to the small infrastructure supplier and by small anything less than $100M annually.

Riding the Bear at IBM by Microsoft was one of the biggest gambles that paid off. But you and I are not Bill Gates.

Choking in the literal and figurative sense is the deal you get when you roll with the Uber Winners and try to directly fix their problems.

Another mistake: Dream Customers or anyone for that matter don’t need more Dream and sure as hell will not pay for more dream they can cook up themselves. They keep their money. That’s how they got to the top in the first place.

The best prospects are the Secretive Bunch who scream in silence! People pay a pinch for salt and a tonne for sugar. People pay a pinch for Prevention and a Tonne for cure.

Nightmares by Dream Clients is your best bet. Just know which Nightmare to Specialize in.

You are not providing a service that stops nightmares cold. People buy cures to Nightmares. Not Dreams.

Now I’m not saying that you have to be an oncologist. Anything can be a Nightmare: Being seen out of place, owning an old vehicle, embarrassing events that lower perception and status, etc.


Dream Infiltration/Inception before the Time Bomb goes off is exactly the anology we are as Marketers.

Intercepting their Dream Image they project to the world and manipulating them to buy to stop their emotional pain immediately with purchase.

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