The Minimum Wage Millionaire: Back 2 School Edition

How to Live Your Life and Nobody Else’s.

A quick update on the Life I have been living. And I would like to invite you to re-think the way you’re approaching most of life. There is more people being led into the Meat Grinder by their own decisions and choices. There is no grey area in this realm of living.

By no means am I telling you how to live life. I’m just suggesting that you take what I have to say for Food for Thought.

The Advant-edge

Built and Made in Grade 7. Everyone has a talent, a dream that is killed or nourished in Grade 7. The foundation of passions, and vision is laid in this time. Why? Because, Grade 7 is the only Grade that resemembles the first year of University/College. Without the insane tuition.

Your friends are pure, you get to pick options, and you get to have fun without much pressure to make grade. The time to explore is in Grade 7. The way to lay the frames that will set up your life for life is in these early grades. In my experience.

When I was feeling down on myself in my early to mid 20s. I was recommended a book by Robert Greene, titled Mastery. One of the first chapters was about re-entering your Youth and what you did when you were great at in your early teens.

The Advant-edge is in Youth. Period. End. Full-Stop.

The more experience you can gain while using your youth to your Advantage.

When I dropped out of University, I had a plan that didn’t work in the way I would. I met some very talented people in the Film Industry. But, something really did bother me. It was the lack of Freedom, Independence and Leveragable Scalability that working in an Industry that is designed to exploit its workers.

Some shitty Part-Time jobs later, I applied and got a job at SportChek, a once Calgary, AB based company that has sold to Canadian Tire. I wouldn’t say that I was “lost”. Yet, not getting the Results that were bestowed on me.

The Mythical Expecatations by people I’ve never met tried to influence me into joining a Rat Race I didn’t want any part of. I had a great woman give me a light ultimatum, when I inquired about attaining girlfriend. She said, “Carmichael, we can go downtown and get you a girlfriend, right now. Or, you can do what you do, get to the gym, get your Money right and see where the chips fall.” What tremendous advice from someone that didn’t have much Investment in me.

I took option B, with a twist. I did not get my Money right, right. The Money I earned working at UPS and a Grocery Store, I fully invested in myself. With this being said, I would like to explain what Self-Investment to Improve your position in Life:

  • Priortizing Health, by signing up to any good gym that is close to you. Embrace all the activities that the gym has to offer. Join a couple Fight Gyms that will take care of the primal aggression each one of us have.
  • Investing Power in every Dollar I Earn, by buying Used at Thrift Stores, Amazon Warehouse and making sure I use this Knowledge to further my Goals, Desires and Aspirations with this One Life I have.

A side note.

The idea of being “lost” is a cycle and sequence of ideas that fly in the face of how The Real World works. I cannot stress this enough, the people you ‘hang’, ‘chill’ and associate yourself with, without a solid foundation will dicate what Mentality you have when Life gets tough.

I can roll with Un-Winners and Quitters every now and then, they do have something to say, but I never do listen to them. I would not advise for more ‘Normal’ peeps to be influecned with said people.

Keeping an open mind, yet acquiring Tunnel Vision on your goals is essential to building the correct foundation to make sure that when the Wind blows hard, your existence doesn’t topple over in dramatic fashion.

  • Avoid and Distance yourself from Low-Energy and Moody People. This is a manipulation tactic from Crabs that are stuck in the bucket.
  • Up your Energy and Protect it with your Life.

The best people to meet are people who offer a Worldview that isn’t your own. But at the very same time, knowing what is Right and Wrong for yourself. You are a Human Being who has Light sides and Dark sides. Embrace both.

I am going to set up a e-mail list. If you would like to hear from me more often in text and image form. I will drop the opportunity to keep in touch via e-mail and phone.

To Cool Days,


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