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  • The Minimum Wage Millionaire: Back 2 School Edition

    How to Live Your Life and Nobody Else’s. A quick update on the Life I have been living. And I would like to invite you to re-think the way you’re approaching most of life. There is more people being led into the Meat Grinder by their own decisions and choices. There is no grey area…

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  • The Getting Paid Habit

    Most first time entrepreneurs enter the game with no self esteem or self image of how to Win in the Marketplace. A) They have quit their job, so they must price low to get a gig. B) They hate their job, so they price low to get a gig. Getting paid is an Artform that…

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  • Love, Lifestyle.

    First thing’s first. This is a blog about my outlook and opinion on life. Even though I speak more facts than a fax machine. I can be wrong and will admit that I’m wrong when presented with a better fact. But for the most part, I tend to be more correct than not. Lifestyle is…

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