The Getting Paid Habit

Most first time entrepreneurs enter the game with no self esteem or self image of how to Win in the Marketplace. A) They have quit their job, so they must price low to get a gig. B) They hate their job, so they price low to get a gig.

Getting paid is an Artform that is seriously lost.

Lead Generation is about qualifying buyers. Not tire kickers, not lowballers, yet, most people placate and do business with anyone with a pulse.

Price High, Work Hard. Work Long.

If you can find 5000 buyers and price your product and service at $5000.

This is $25,000,000 cash by one campaign.

Breaking it down:

$25,000,000 / 8760 hours in a year = $2,853.88 an hour.

There are hours within a day where you can make $10,000 an hour and there are hours in the day where you make $10 an hour. It’s about keeping persistent and consistent.

Warren Buffett calls it a Business Perspective instead of what I call a Consumer Perspective.

Most people are Consumers working as Employees.

Mindset, and behavior change.


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