The Work

Living in The System, The Machine is designed to carry out any and every action to supress individuality, brainwash and enslave you. Freedom and Slavery is binary. There is no grey. The system tricks you into thinking there is subtlties and nuance. This is up to you. This is up to me. My work is about this exact subject. Today, more than ever, there is widespread misinformation eaten up by The Sheeple.

The Past

In the spring of 2008, I made a film titled “Nightlights” for an optional filmmaking assignment for a Experimental Film class. I edited the film by sneaking and posing as a real film student in the editing bay. I still don’t know what grade I got. But, all I know that a film could be made for nothing and potentially shown around the world on YouTube. This was my turning point of dropping out of University and escaping the System for good.

The summer of 2008 was where I merged Music and Film together and starting shooting music videos in Calgary and Vancouver. It was a trip to the Kootnays, Shambhala, a festival I have never ever heard of before. But thanks to people along the way, I got to be the ‘film guy’ and capture the ‘magic’ of Shamb.

DaegaSound is a great duo of brothers that play deep bass music. Here is their set at Shambhala. Note: I have been using PowerDirector for at least 15 years now. It’s all I edit with.

The Beatnuts:


I ended up landing a Production Assistant job on FD5 or Final Destination 5 3D in Vancouver in 2011. I thought it would be my big break. But it was just a catastrophe of epic proportions. If you ever meet me in person, it’s a long story. But, yeah, if you can remember the very day of the Vancouver Riots and my termination from my ‘awesome opportunity’. June 15 2011 was a shit show.

Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver, 2011.
FD5 or Final Destination 5. My last shot at Hollywood.

Present Day

After termination at FD5, I got back in touch with my drumming and thought I should learn guitar. So, I created a soundcloud account and bought an acoustic and electric guitar to see what I can do with them. Timing is everything.

Psyburbia EP, 2019.

*Click the band name for the soundcloud link.


Deadbeatsbf is just a funny thing to me that happened at a Vancouver Denny’s. I was out of work and still pulling chicks.


“Nuclear Winter” with me playing Piano, Drums and Singing.

The Signal Song is me on Drums and Guitar.

The Future

I got a ton of stuff on the way.






sheeple ll track listing:

True BeLIEver (More Cowbell Breakdown)
Sept 2022.

Went Viral over the summer.